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Fandoms and Fairytales

Eeveelution Sampler- all 9 scents in sample sizes

Eeveelution Sampler- all 9 scents in sample sizes

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The best way to experience all the Eeveelutions!  This sampler contains 2 cubes of wax in each of the Eeveelution collection scents-

Normal Type- Eevee inspired Snickerdoodle scent. This is an updated version of a favorite in the Fandoms and Fairytales shop
Water Type- Vaporeon inspired Sea Spray scent
Ice Type- Glaceon inspired vanilla mint marshmallow scent
Fire Type- Flareon inspired Gingered Peach scent
Dark Type- Umbreon inspired dark chocolate covered espresso beans
Psychic Type- Espeon inspired blackberry sage scent
Electric Type-Jolteon inspired lemon meringue pie scent
Grass Type- Leafeon inspired fresh cut grass scent
Fairy Type- Sylveon inspired Strawberry Soda scent. this is an update of our current Fairy Wind scent. (I know that fairy types are currently discontinued in pokemon and sylveon is currently a psychic type but it'll always be a fairy type to me:-))

Ships 5 to 7 days after purchase. Please see my other listings for additional poke inspired scents



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