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Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent
Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent

Bulk Wax Melts - 12 Wax Melts of Same Scent

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Bulk wax melts, perfect for Fish Extender gifts, thank you gifts, party favors and any time you need the perfect small gift! This listing is for 12 wax melts in a single fragrance. Bulk pricing is NOT available for mixed scents, all 12 must be the same scent. These are poured when ordered so please allow 7 to 10 days until they are ready to ship after ordering. Customized wax melts are not refundable.

If you would like your labels personalized for party favors or Business thank yous please send me the info you'd like to include at the top. For DCL Fish Extender gifts, Please provide the info you would like for your custom labels- Ship Name , Sail Month, Family Name and (optional) Cabin Number. Contact me for other customization options for parties, travel agent gifts, business card wax melts and more!

Scent Descriptions:
Disney Inspired Scents:
Pineapple Whip- Inspired by the iconic Pineapple and Vanilla Soft serve concoction from Aloha Isle in Adventureland. Sweet pineapple and creamy Vanilla scent.
Soaring over Horizons- that familiar orange scent from Soarin- and from the now gone Horizons- with a touch of pine.

Caramel Apple- That yummy scent from Candy Caldron and Sweet Spells, juicy apple and Creamy caramel just like a fresh dipped Mickey Apple.
Cupcake Crawl- One of the best parts of a WDW vacation- sampling cupcakes from around the resort-inspired this Buttercream Frosted Cupcake scent.
Thank the Phoenicians- My family loves Spaceship Earth at Epcot. The iconic scene showing the Library of Alexandria on fire, highlighting the burning of Rome has a distinctive scent. These wax melts are my version of that scent- warm crackling woods with a hint of cedar and papyrus.
Whosits and Whatsits Galore- A Little Mermaid inspired scent. Just imagine her counting her thingamabobs, whosits and whatsits. A beachy floral blend with Sea Salt, sea grass, drift wood and sea moss.
Poor Unfortunate Souls - Sea Salt and Orchid
Breakfast with Mickey- Mickey Waffles scent- the iconic Waffle at WDW, we have to have it at least once a trip. Buttery Maple Waffle scent.
Be Our Guest At Philharmagic- Apple Pie Scent
Patisserie- Raspberry Macaron
Mousing around Canada- Maple Cream Brulee
Churro Cart- Churros and Chocolate
Liberty Square Snacks- Cinnamon sugar dusted funnel cake just like you’re having a snack at Sleepy Hollow treats.
True Love’s Kiss- Sleeping Beauty Inspired- a sweet candy floral for Aurora fans.
Hitchhiking Ghosts- Inspired by The Haunted Mansion- An unsettling floral blend- funeral flowers (carnation) tobacco smoke, graveyard dirt and trunks in the attic.
A Whole New World- Jasmine Vanilla Scent
A Girl Worth Fighting For- Cherry Blossom scent
Holidays at the Resorts- like the Gingerbread houses in the deluxe resorts during the holiday season
Studio Snacks- Just like a carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop
Boo to You- Cinnamon, vanilla, apples, fall leaves and clove
Christmas Party-This scent reminds me of the magical smell of Christmas and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! The fragrance is a beautiful blend of Cinnamon bark, Fir, clove, orange and Christmas cookies.
Prince Charming- A cologne type fragrance with Lavender, Oakmoss and Cardamom
Very Merry Unbirthday- Birthday Cake Scent (please note this is the same scent as Cupcake Crawl)
Castaway- Relive your DCL beach day at Castaway Cay with this Sun and Sand type fragrance!
Wonderland Tea Party- Iced lemon Cakes with a hint of black tea.
Pixie Dust- This sweet smelling wax tart is a combination of pixie sticks, cotton candy and gummy bears- sweet and tart smelling
Mistress of all Evil- Maleficent Inspired- Based on Lush's Lord of Misrule fragrance, these have notes of patchouli, warm sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, vetiver and a touch of black pepper
Almost There- Inspired by Princess Tiana, this is a White tea and ginger fragrance.
Fairest One Of All- Inspired by Snow White, this scent is juicy Macintosh Apples.
HalloWishes- a Woodsy fall scent- similar to Autumn Nights from Yankee.
Croissant Donut- Refreshment Port in Epcot has the spectacular Croissant Donut or Cronut- a yummy smelling buttery donut scent
Happily Ever After- Wedding cake
Enchanted Rose- A beautiful Rose Scent for Beauty and the Beast fans.
You're Welcome- Coconut Bay
Very Merry-Sugar cookies and Peppermint Hot cocoa
AKL- Smokey vanilla and sandalwood
Experiment 626- Fruity cereal scented
Sugar Rush- Blue Cotton Candy
Wreck It- Lemon Pound Cake
The Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Scents:
The Pumpkin King- A Jack Skellington inspired Fall scent- Pumpkin, vanilla and spices.
Zero- Peppermint Fluff- peppermint with a hint of marshmallow
Making Christmas- Nightmare Before Christmas inspired scent –Fresh cut Christmas trees
This Is Halloween- Apple Cider Donut scent
Simply Meant to be- Forever Romance VS type scent
About my wax tarts:
My wax tarts are hand poured into clamshell packages and weigh approximately 3 oz each. These packages make 6 breakaway cubes that can be use 1-2 at a time depending on the size of your wax melter. I make my tarts with a unique blend of paraffin and soy wax. This blend allows the maximum fragrance load and long lasting scent. Finding made in the USA sources is very important to me, the soy wax I use is made from grown in the USA soy beans and the paraffin wax is from a US manufacturer.

How to use wax tarts:
Break off 1 or 2 tarts depending on the size of your wax warmer and enjoy the fragrance for 6 to 8 hours. You can use for a few hours at a time until the fragrance has burned away. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your device. Melted wax will be very hot, do not leave unattended or near children.

Never leave melting wax unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never add water or any foreign substance to your warmer bowl. Not Edible. Avoid skin contact with hot or warm wax. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your wax warmer.

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