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A Galaxy Far Far Away Car Air Fresheners

A Galaxy Far Far Away Car Air Fresheners

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Please READ the full details!These are here for a limited time and in a limited Quantity. Environment makes a huge difference in how long these last. You should have a beautiful scent for 1 to 4 weeks depending on heat, humidity and other geographical factors. These can be "recharged" with our room sprays to make them longer lasting. If you are stocking up, make sure to keep tightly sealed to keep the scent in place! Measures approx. 3.7" across. Must be hung and not in contact with other surfaces.

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The Child - Green tea, lemongrass and bamboo scent blend

This is the Way- French Vanilla Latte

I have Spoken- Orange flowers, sandalwood and tonka bean

Princess Leia’s Cinnamon Buns- An ode to the greatest hairstyle in a galaxy far, far away. Delicious freshly baked cinnamon bun scent
Scruffy Nerf Herder- A masculine blend of amber wood, bergamot, and a little hint of citrus. A masculine scent with a soft side:-) Perfect for a Han Solo fan!

Wookiee Cookies- Sugar cookie scent

Back to Jakku- A golden Sands type scent- Orange Flowers, vanilla, sandalwood and Tonka beans.

Droid, Please! - Inspired by BB8, this creamsicle scent is orange and vanilla.

There is No Try- Yoda inspired Lemon lime soda and sherbert scent

That's No Moon- Dark side Dark chocolate fudge brownie scent

Threepio- Banana Nut Bread scented

Artoo- Blueberry Muffin scented

The Dark Side- dark chocolate hazelnut

The Light Side-warm vanilla sugar

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