A Guide to Tutu Fit and Sizing

A Guide to Tutu Fit and Sizing

Not sure which size tutu is right for you? Let's talk about tutu sizing and lengths. I have a standard sizing chart for my tutu listings and my adult tutus are available in three different lengths. Since it can be hard to decide on a length and I can only fit 5 pictures in a etsy listing, I'm going to try to show the different looks of the three lengths of tutus in this blog post. First, this is my sizing chart, the lengths for the girls tutus correspond with the waist size but I do take special requests.
Size Chart:
0-6 months 13-14"waist 7" length
6-12 months 14-15" waist 7"length
12months to 24 months -16”-18” waist-length 7”
2t/3t -18”-20” waist- length 11”
4t/5t- 20”-22” waist-length 13”
6-7 waist 22”-24”- length 13”
8-10- 24”-25” waist- length 14”

adult sizes available in 9"running tutu length, 12" length or 14" length
Adult Small 25-26"waist,
Adult Medium 27-28" waist
Adult Large 30-32 waist
Adult extra large 34-38 waist
adult 2x large 40-42" waist

The waist measurement is your actual waist. Many people like to wear their tutus on their hips. All my tutus are made on a stretchable, no roll elastic waistband and will stretch several inches without ruining the fullness of the tutu, but if you order to your hip size your tutu will most likely be too large. If you are in between sizes- go with the smaller size, the waist will easily stretch to accommodate you without being too large.

For adult tutus, I offer three lengths. The 9" length is perfect for running, a short and sassy, full tutu. The 14" is the most popular and is full and fluffy, long enough for good coverage but not so long that it will get in the way while running for fun or wearing out and about. This is a great option for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- long enough for a costume look but not so long as to interfere with getting on and off ride vehicles. The 18" is great if you want a more a tutu with more flow and more of a costume look, but the length will decrease the fullness. **UPDATE- 12" lengths for adults have been a common request and I will be updating all my tutu listings to offer this length as well. If you don't see it as an option for the tutu you would like, please contact me and I will set up a listing for you:-)

I don't have an adult model to show the differences in length, but I do have many pictures:) First off some photos of my daughter with her tutus. She is wearing 14" tutus in the tween size in these photos and is just over 4 feet tall. You can see how full the 14"length tutus are!




Next up, some 9" length tutus. You can see that they still have a great amount of fullness and are just super cute and sassy!







Here is a 9" Jack Skellington tutu and a 14" Jack Skellington tutu:




Next, an 18" R2D2 tutu and 14" R2D2 tutu:


I'm going to work on getting more pictures to better show the different lengths. I love seeing pictures of my customers in their awesome tutus- if you have some you'd like to share, please send them in!

See the Tutu Collection here- https://fandomsandfairytales.com/collections/tutus

Don't see what you're looking for?  Message me and I can create a custom tutu for you!





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