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Current Scent List

Current Scent List- 2022

There are so many fantastic scents in the shop!  To help make it a little easier to see them all, here is the full list as February 2022

Broken down by fandom, with descriptions, I hope this will make it easy to find your next favorite!

Disney Inspired Scents:


Floridian Lobby/ Bay Lake Lobby/Contemporary/Beach Club- The deluxe lobby scent of green clover and aloe

Polynesian Lobby- a relaxing blend of white tea, ginger, bamboo, cedarwood and a hint of vanilla

CBR Resort Loop- a Caribbean blend of tropical fruit and greens

Pop Lobby- the green tea and lemongrass scent in the Pop Century resort Lobby

Polynesian Lobby-  Just like the scent pumped into the Polynesian Resort Lobby- Bamboo, White tea, ginger, vanilla and cedarwood

AKL- Smokey vanilla and sandalwood

Castaway- DCL inspired Castaway Cay scent- Smells like sun tanning on the beach


Soaring over Horizons-  that familiar orange scent from the previous orange grove scene in Soarin- and from the now gone Horizons- with a touch of pine.

Thank the Phoenicians- My family loves Spaceship Earth at Epcot.  The iconic scene showing the Library of Alexandria on fire,  highlighting the burning of Rome has a distinctive scent. These wax melts are my version of that scent- warm crackling woods with a hint of cedar and papyrus.

Be Our Guest at Philharmagic- Apple Pie Scent

Hitchhiking Ghosts- Inspired by The Haunted Mansion- An unsettling floral blend- funeral flowers (carnation) tobacco smoke, graveyard dirt and trunks in the attic.

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow- Carousel of Progress- Bergamot, Grapefruit and orange

Rope Drop- Coffee to fuel  your rope dropping morning!  Smells like rich coffee and sugar, like you stopped in to the Main Street Starbucks for a cup of coffee


Pineapple Whip- Inspired by the iconic Pineapple and Vanilla Soft serve concoction from Aloha Isle in Adventureland.  Sweet pineapple and creamy Vanilla scent.

Caramel Apple- That yummy scent from Candy Caldron and Sweet Spells, juicy apple and Creamy caramel just like a fresh dipped Mickey Apple.

Cupcake Crawl- One of the best parts of a WDW vacation- sampling cupcakes from around the resort-inspired this Buttercream Frosted Cupcake scent.

Breakfast with Mickey- Mickey Waffles scent- the iconic Waffle at WDW, we have to have it at least once a trip.  Buttery Maple Waffle scent.

Pâtisserie- Raspberry Macaron

Mousing around Canada- Maple Creme Brulee

Churro Cart- Churros and Chocolate

Liberty Square Snacks- Cinnamon sugar dusted funnel cake just like you’re having a snack at Sleepy Hollow treats. 

Studio Snacks- Just like a carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop

Believe In Magic- Vanilla Buttercream Crunch

Main Street- Popcorn and Sugar cookies and a hint of cotton candy

Croissant Donut- Refreshment Port in Epcot has the spectacular Croissant Donut or Cronut- a yummy smelling buttery donut scentHappily Ever After/Til Death Do Us Part- Wedding Cake

WDW Holiday Scents-

Boo to You-  Cinnamon, vanilla, apples, fall leaves and clove

Holidays at the Resorts- like the Gingerbread houses in the deluxe resorts during the holiday season

Christmas Party-This scent reminds me of the magical smell of Christmas and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! The fragrance is a beautiful blend of Cinnamon bark, Fir, clove, orange and Christmas cookies.

HalloWishes- a Woodsy fall scent- similar to Autumn Nights from Yankee.

Very Merry- Peppermint Hot cocoa and sugar cookies

Boo Bash- Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow and Candy Corn

Characters-Princesses, Princes, Villains

Figment of Your Imagination- Fig, Guava and Strawberry

Whosits and Whatsits Galore- A Little Mermaid inspired scent.  Just imagine her counting her thingamabobs, whosits and whatsits.  A beachy floral blend with Sea Salt, sea grass, driftwood and sea moss. 

Poor Unfortunate Souls- Ursula- Sea Salt and Orchids

Fairest of them All- Macintosh Apple

Enchanted Rose- A beautiful Rose Scent for Beauty and the Beast fans.

True Love’s Kiss- Sleeping Beauty Inspired- a sweet candy floral for Aurora fans. 

A Whole New World- Jasmine Vanilla Scent

A Girl Worth Fighting For- Cherry Blossom scent

You’ve Got A Friend In Me- Best Friends Scent, wonderful  blend of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava and pomegranate with a touch of soft vanilla

Prince Charming- A cologne type fragrance with Lavender, Oakmoss and Cardamom

Very Merry Unbirthday- Birthday Cake Scent

Sugar Rush- Vanellope- Blue Cotton Candy

Wreck It- Lemon Pound Cake

Wonderland Tea Party- Iced lemon Cakes with a hint of black tea.

Happily Ever After (also labeled as Til Death Do Us Part) Wedding cake scent

Pixie Dust- This sweet smelling wax tart is a combination of pixie sticks, cotton candy and gummy bears- sweet and tart smelling

Mistress of all Evil- Maleficent Inspired- Based on Lush's Lord of Misrule fragrance, these have notes of patchouli, warm sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, vetiver and a touch of black pepper

Almost There- Inspired by Princess Tiana, this is a White tea and ginger fragrance.

Pucker Up, Buttercup- perfect for kissing frogs, White peach and hibiscus scented

Fairest One Of All- Inspired by Snow White, this scent is juicy  Macintosh Apples.

How Far I'll Go- Island Hibiscus Scent

You're Welcome- Coconut Bay

Experiment 626- Fruit loops

Nightmare Before Christmas

Making Christmas- Nightmare Before Christmas inspired scent –Fresh cut Christmas trees

The Pumpkin King- A Jack Skellington inspired Fall scent- Pumpkin, vanilla and spices.

This is Halloween- Apple Cider Donut

Simply Meant To Be- Forever Romance scented

Zero- Peppermint Fluff

Sandy Claws- Pomegranate Cider and Sugar Cookies ( fruit cider with an undertone of Christmas tree)

Star Wars Inspired Scents:

Princess Leia’s Cinnamon Buns- An ode to the greatest hairstyle in a galaxy far, far away.  Delicious freshly baked cinnamon bun scent.

Scruffy Nerf Herder-  A masculine  blend of amber wood, bergamot, and a little hint of citrus. A masculine scent with a soft side:-) Perfect for a Han Solo fan!

Wookiee Cookies- Sugar cookie scent

I have Spoken- A golden Sans type scent- Orange Flowers, vanilla, sandalwood and Tonka beans.

Droid, Please! - Inspired by BB8, this creamsicle scent is orange and vanilla.

There is No Try- Yoda inspired Lemon lime soda and sherbert scent

That's No Moon- Darkside Dark chocolate fudge brownie scent

Threepio- Banana Nut Muffin

Artoo- Blueberry Muffin

This is the Way- Vanilla Latte

The Child- Bamboo, Green Tea and Lemongrass



All American Hero/America's Ass- Captain America inspired Apple Pie scent

Natasha- Black Widow inspired Black Raspberry Vanilla scent

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman- Sticky marshmallow with a hint of almond

Hulk Smash- a relaxing Eucalyptus Spearmint scent

Dark Knight- Batman inspired scent- has a base of patchouli, cedar, vetiver and frankincense, a bit of citrus, peppercorn, ginger, jasmine and a hint of peppermint

Stark- This scent is a cologne type scent with notes of citrus, sandalwood, leafy greens and sage. 

Burdened By Glorious Purpose- This comes in two variants.  The Trickster variant is a snowy outdoors scent with notes of pine, mint and vanilla. The Mischief Variant is a cologne type scent with notes of bergamot, amber woods and citrus.

Doctor Who scents-

Dalektable- Strudel and Spice scented

Wibbly Wobbly- Blueberry Cheesecake scented

Timey Whimey- Spiced Caramel scented


Wizard of Oz Scents-

Emerald City- Lucky Four Leaf Clover Scent- Rich green grasses and clover

Flying Monkeys- The fragrance oil in this wax melt is really called Monkey Farts!  It's a tropical fruit blend with banana, peach, strawberry and citrus.

Field of Poppies- A sleepytime Chamomile and Lavender scent

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?- Scented with Pink Sugar type fragrance- A perfume type floral with notes of cotton candy, lily, vanilla and musk.

Ruby Slippers- Berries and White Tea scented


Random Fandoms-

So Fetch- Mean girls inspired Poison Pie scent- berry pies and vanilla

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth- Rainforest Sugar cane scented- Fresh and sweet

Coffee With Friends- Inspired by Friends and the Central Perk- smells like a caramel macchiato

Princess Peach- Georgia Peach scented

Ecto- A fun and fruity Ecto Cooler tangerine scent

Harry Potter Scents-

Butterbrew- the iconic drink from Harry potter- a yummy blend of butterscotch and French vanilla

Yule Ball- A woodsy pine with a hint of spice

Courage and Bravery- Gryffindor inspired Black Tea and Currant scent

Wit and Wisdom- Ravenclaw inspired similar to Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss scent- dark and sweet floral.

Loyal and Kind- Hufflepuff inspired, green tea and lemongrass

Cunning and Ambitious- Slytherin inspired, Dragon's blood incense type scent\

Pokemon Scents:

Eevee- Snickerdoodle

Skitty- Strawberry shortcake

Snorlax-lavender  vanilla

Bulbasaur-candied fruit slices

Let’s Go- Pikachu inspired Pineapple Marshmallow scented

Eeveelutions collection

Normal Type- Eevee inspired Snickerdoodle scent. This is an updated version of a favorite in the Fandoms and Fairytales shop

Water Type- Vaporeon inspired Sea Spray scent

Ice Type- Glaceon inspired vanilla mint marshmallow scent

Fire Type- Flareon inspired Gingered Peach scent

Dark Type- Umbreon inspired dark chocolate covered espresso beans

Psychic Type- Espeon inspired blackberry sage scent

Electric Type-Jolteon inspired lemon meringue pie scent

Grass Type- Leafeon inspired fresh cut grass scent

Fairy Type- Sylveon inspired Strawberry Soda scent. this is an update of our current Fairy Wind scent. (I know that fairy types are currently discontinued in pokemon and sylveon is currently a psychic type but it'll always be a fairy type to me:-))

Game Of Thrones Inspired-

Drink and I know Things- Black Current Absinthe- sophisticated cocktail type scent with black currant and blackberries, apple saffron, anise, amber, patchouli and cedar wood.

Night's Watch- Sandalwood and Suede- Leather, suede, sandalwood, amber, and velvety musks

King's Landing- Roses and Cersei's Wine- a sweet rich wine and roses scent

North of the Wall- Alpine Snowdrift- An icy mint, a little pine, hollyberry, anise and vanilla

Mother of Dragons- Vanilla, cardamom and Dragon's blood- a sweetly spiced incense type scent

Letterkenny Inspired-

Pitter Patter- smells like you had a shot of Gus N Bru and and a dart and you're about to meet at the end of the laneway to see who is the toughest guy in Letterkenny. Tobacco,maple shot whiskey, vanilla and musk.

Super Soft Birthday- smells like you're celebrating your bestie's birthday and he's softer than 10 ply. Cupcake with maple buttercream scented.

How're Ya Now?- smells like you're exchanging pleasantries in Canada in the fall, sugared maple woods. A warm, sweet woody maple scent. Perfect accent for your sled shack.

Beetlejuice Inspired-

Never Trust the Living is a Pomegranate Elixir fragrance, sweet pomegranate with herbal undertones.

I Myself am Strange and Unusual is an earthy fruit based scent, notes of plum, vanilla, warm amber, sugar and black cherry.

Wynonna Earp Inspired -

Loyal- Vanilla Dipped Donut scent

Whiskey Soaked and Reckless- Apple Maple Bourbon and Whiskey Soaked Raisins


Improbable Fruit Co Scents-

Strawberry- Strawberry Cheesecake scented

Banana-  Old fashioned banana pudding, banana pudding, nilla wafers and whipped cream

Peach- Peaches and Whipped Cream scent

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