How to Remove Wax From Your Warmer

How to remove old wax from your warmer? 

I get asked this question several times a month. I usually use warmers with a removable dish. If your dish is removable, it's easy to put the dish in the freezer for a few minutes until the wax is cold enough to pop right out. 

  If your warmer does not have a removable dish or you're in a hurry- cotton balls to the rescue! Just place a few cotton balls in the hot wax and they soak it right up! 


Caution! The Wax is hot!

I use a couple napkins to remove the wax soaked cotton balls- keep another napkin or a paper plate handy to put it on to avoid dripping wax on the way to the trash. 

Use a napkin or paper towel to remove any remaining wax. Then you are ready to pop in a new wax melt! Need new wax melts? We have you covered!

Today, I'm melting Wookiee Cookies to go along with my print from

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