September 2020 Scent of the Month and new fandom scents!

September 2020 Scent of the Month and new fandom scents!

September is a busy month as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season and our favorite season of all Fall!!

Kicking off Fall with a fabulous scent for September's Scent of the Month Sale, This is Halloween.  This is the perfect apple cider donut scent to transition from summer scents to fall scents in your home and makes an excellent background scent for repeated viewings of The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Two new Fandoms were added to the shop this month with new scents representing Letterkenny and Beetlejuice.


And for those who need a good laugh, the 2020 Dumpster Fire wax melt and candle is here.  Smells like Everything is Fine with a hint of despair. Just kidding, it's the same fabulous firewood scent from our Thank the Phoenician wax melt and candle.

We've brought back the Doctor Who scents-

September will see some changes in the shop, mostly streamlining the listings so that it is easier to shop and find your favorites. There will be some price increases to reflect added fees and increased cost of supplies due to worldwide issues.  As always, Fandoms and Fairytales strives to make the highest quality products and the best price.  USPS has informed us that they will apply holiday surge pricing from mid October through December so increased shipping costs will be coming at the time.  We also urge you to order holiday gifts early this year.. We are experiencing postal delays as well as delays from suppliers.  The cut off for Holiday arrival will be much earlier than in past years and we will run out of some scents before Thanksgiving and may not restock until after the holidays. 

It's not all doom and gloom though, we will continue to send out our monthly newsletter with limited time discounts for subscribers. Also follow us on our social media for flash discounts and sales.

Thank you for all your support!

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