Welcome to Fandom Rewards!

Welcome to Fandom Rewards!

Fandom Rewards is the awesome reward program where you earn points on purchases you make on www.fandomsandfairytales.com!   You can turn those points into discounts, free products and even free shipping rewards!

How to get started- click on the Rewards Crown icon in the lower right corner on any page on the website.   Sign up and you'll start off with 100 points!  Then you'll earn 5 points for dollar spent on merchandise in our shop. Points and and rewards are only valid on the www.fandomsandfairytales.com website. (Points are not accrued on etsy shop purchases and rewards are only not valid in the etsy shop).

You can check your points, rewards and send referrals by clicking the crown icon and logging in to your account.  Sending referral discount coupons to friends earns you discounts when they are redeemed. 

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you enjoy this fun rewards program!

Please note that Rewards and points are subject to change. 

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