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What to do if your order is marked as delivered but it hasn't arrived to you?

Don't panic! It's a worse case scenario in the holiday season, your order is marked as delivered on the Etsy/website order page or the USPS tracking page, but you haven't received it yet!
What should you do?
First, make sure that the shipping address is correct on your order. If it is, most likely your package was scanned as delivered when it should've been scanned as accepted at a facility or left a facility. Mis-scans happen a lot this time of year! Most likely your order will be delivered to you in the next 1 or 2 days.
The next step is to contact your local carrier or post office. Let them know that you haven't received your package and that it was marked as delivered. They can usually look up the GPS tag associated with your scan and see where it was marked as delivered and give you some insight on whether it is still on its way or if it was delivered to the incorrect address. They can help you fill out a missing package report or stolen package report if necessary.
If they can't help you find your package, reach out to your seller and let them know it has gone missing. Usually all incorrectly scanned or delivered orders, show up in a couple days to the buyers home but occasionally one comes back as return to sender and you'll want your seller to be on the look out for it. If an order from Fandoms and Fairytales has gone missing, reach out to me- and I can usually provide a good description of your package for the Post Office and help you find a resolution so you can enjoy your magical scents:-)

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